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Emergency Light Socket

A BS1363 plug socket switched or un-switched has embedded emergency lighting, normal at the bottom of the plug socket. These are low voltage long-lasting light-emitting diodes that will illuminate when the mains electrical supply power to the socket is removed. The plug socket has an internally mounted charging circuit board, this is powered via the plug sockets main 230vac power supply terminals. The bright white light emitting diodes used for the emergency lighting is powered via the 3.7V rechargeable battery and only switch on when the power to the socket is lost.

The appliance operates similarly to an existing socket until it detects the power is removed when it automatically switches to battery operation and illuminates the bright light emitting diodes. The rechargeable battery enables the light emitting diodes to stay on independently for up to a minimum of three hours or until the electrical power returns.


British General 900 Series 13A 2-Gang DP Switched Plug Socket White - Used with the emergency lighting kit
£4.36 (€5.04)
Market price: £6.01 , save 27%
including VAT 20.00 % ( £0.73 )

Cool White DC 3V COB (Chips on Board) Lamp LED Panel Light - Rear terminals
£4.20 (€4.85)
Market price: £8.40 , save 50%
including VAT 20.00 % ( £0.70 )
Emergency Light Socket (2 Gang)
£25.20 (€29.11)
Market price: £30.00 , save 16%
including VAT 20.00 % ( £4.20 )

Emergency Light Socket Components to build your own emergency light socket
£10.76 (€12.43)
Market price: £12.00 , save 10%
including VAT 20.00 % ( £1.79 )
Emergency Light Socket PCB only
£3.60 (€4.16)
Market price: £6.00 , save 40%
including VAT 20.00 % ( £0.60 )