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Neopsis MBUS Card for JACE or M2M

Neopsis MBUS Card for JACE or M2M
Module fitted in the JACE MBUS Connection
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The M-Bus Master Option Card is an extension for all Tridium Jace and M2M devices. This card turns the Jace into a compact and easy to configure Smart Metering System. It can connect up to 10 MBus devices, while protecting the Jace from short circuits on the bus.
No additional parts are needed, the card uses the built-in serial port COM1 and power supply on the Jace.

You must fit this card into module bay 1 on a JACE 2/6, naturally on a M2M there is only 1 place to install it.

This card can only be setup on COM1

Technical Data
• Fits into all Jace 2xx, 6xx und M2M models
• Occupies one free plugin slot
• Only one option card per Jace
• Uses the on-board serial port (COM1), the corresponding connector on the Jace will become inoperable
• Connects with up to 10 M-Bus devices
• Integrated short-circuit protection
• Compatible with the Tridium M-Bus driver
• Uses Jace internal power supply
• CE certified

BEFORE INSTALLATION Unpack the Option Card and check the equipment. Included in this package is the M-Bus Option Card and the Installation Instructions.

Read all instructions and ensure you understand what you are doing.
The following tools and supplies are required for installation: #2 Phillips screwdriver used to install the M-Bus Option Card.

Power to the Jace Controller must be OFF when installing or removing M-Bus Option Card or damage will occur! Also, be very careful to align the pins properly MOUNTING
You can mount the M-Bus Option Card in either of the available slots, but only one card can be installed per Jace.

1. Power down the Jace
2. Remove the Jace cover
3. Remove the battery and brackets assembly by taking out the four screws holding it in place. Unplug the battery from the connector on the Jace base board.
4. Remove the blanking end plate for the slot in which you plan to install the card.
5. Carefully insert the pins of the M-Bus Option Card into the socket of the appropriate slot. Check the pin alignment! Press until the M-Bus Option Card is completly seated.
6. Plug the battery cable into the connector on the Jace base board.
7. Set the battery and bracket assembly back over the option card slots, with the mounting holes aligned with the standoffs.
8. Place the four screws through the battery bracket and the end plate into the standoffs on the Jace base board. Hand tighten these screws.
9. Replace the Jace cover.


Connect the M-Bus communication wiring to the 2-position connector of the Option Card. 
The M-Bus wiring is polarity independent. Refer to the M-Bus specification for technical guidelines associated with the bus topology. 
Three LEDs are visible on the M-Bus Option Card end plate. From left to right:
Yellow - TxD Sending data to the MBus
Red - Error Short circuit indicator, 60 mA current limitation active
Yellow - RxD Receiving data from the MBus
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